die archetypische Kraft der Göttin erleben

Poly Thea Kongress 17-19 august 2013

Carolina Visser

Goddesses and Gods live, because we, human beings, keep them alive!
We do that  by praying, giving thanks (in celebrations with dancing and singing) or other spiritual practice or rituals.
In the  myths and tales of Nordic-Germanic  Gods and Goddesses, we find  a long  tradition of  wisdom, equality between  man and woman, democracy and humor! 
I have noticed  many  Europeans find the language used  in old writings as the Edda, not really inviting.. ice, fire, wars… Some find an easier entrance to Greek or exotic Gods and Goddesses from far away. Another reason for keeping the door closed to our heritage lies in the abuse of symbols, runes and Gods solely for own purposes and ideology . For a long time in history the male and warrior-aspects  of our Gods were idealized and Goddesses went almost completely  off-screen.
The only name all of us  remember is Freya, Goddess of Love. Of course she is more than that, she is a Great Goddess and unites all aspects of life (birth, love, death) but this is how she is remembered mostly.  And - as it is us, humans, who keep the Goddesses and Gods alive-  I experience  this as a beacon of light, that it is love that lives on in our consciousness.

In this Ceremony we will open the door to the Nordic Germanic Goddesses and some of  their older Gods through what is called  ‘the Knowing Field’.
Goddesses like Freya, Holle, Iduna, Skadi, Nerthus and  Frigg will be shortly introduced  in stories, as will be the Gods   like Frey, Niord and Thor.
After that introduction, we will  ‘plug in’ to the wisdom of  the collective field and visit the Goddesses and Gods  in a way everybody can experience their strength, their inspiring qualities,  their love and their willingness to guide us.  Also we will experience the archaic, archetypical powers that they are rooted in, elements of nature and cosmos.

We will use shamanic and  systemic  techniques ( constellations) to put up the Goddesses and Gods in a Field so we can go in for a walk.
This way we gather Information from the Goddess-Field to  integrate it in our own lives and so in  modern time(empirical  science).

The ceremony will be supported by  shamanic drumming and singing. This helps us  to get into an altered state of mind, to let go of everyday thoughts, to  step out of  linear  time and enter the field of our ancestors Goddesses and Gods.

Mitbringen: decke oder Kissen zum sitzen (bei schönes Wetter draußen)
                   evt. Trommel oder Rassel